Current architectural lighting testing of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge

Signature on the Saint Lawrence SSL would like to inform residents that architectural lightning testing is currently taking place at different locations along the bridge.

The installation of the architectural lighting under the structure on the south and north corridor of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge, is going well, reaching 80% of its completion. There are over 7500 luminaires in total that will be placed under box girders and will show different colors depending on the programming. The animations presented recently are not representative of what will be shown on a permanent basis.

Light-emitting diode luminaires : LED

The architectural lighting system on the Samuel De Champlain Bridge is composed of more than 7500 individually controllable LED luminaires. Each luminaire can display an almost infinite palette of colors. The lighting control will be centralized and will display programmable themes of adjustable colors, intensity and duration of time.

The basic theme will be a blank display but themes associated with major events will be possible. Architectural lighting will normally be in use in the evening.