The multi-use path of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge will be opened all year long

The opening of the multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists on the Samuel De Champlain bridge will be ready in fall and will be accessible all year-long.

Over the last few weeks, SSL has been working on the new overpass over Highway 132 on the South Shore, and workers are completing the installation of the dissuasive barriers, the lookouts along the way, as well as finishing works (lighting, marking, etc.). In addition, the new overpass will be connected to the existing cycling link in the Île-des-Sœurs area (Claude-Robutel roundabout) as well as on the South Shore (La Riveraine trail).

Some information on this new multi-use path:

  • This path of more than 4 km will be an important new active transportation link between the South Shore and the Island of Montreal.
  • Four lookouts on the new bridge provide a view of the river, the downtown, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Greater Montreal Area.
  • The multi-use path will be accessible all year-long.

The connection of La Riveraine Trail to the SSL worksite

The path connecting the Riveraine trail on both sides of the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge will be operational again by the end of the project. SSL recognizes the inconvenience for users who must currently make major detour through the Brossard path network and is working to restore the link in a safe manner as soon as possible.