Expected Works – Verdun Sector

A major step of the project is now behind us: the opening of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge to traffic. Another milestone is being completed:  the highway corridor in your area.


Expected works in the orange sector (see map)

In the coming weeks, SSL will proceed with the construction of the May street between Jacques-Lauzon and Rushbrooke, as well as the creation of the pedestrian path between Wellington and Rushbrooke.

Subsequently, along the new Highway 15, on the Verdun side between LaSalle boul. and Jacques-Lauzon street, SSL will do drainage works and earthworks before finishing with landscaping work in the area. If necessary, updates about this work will be carried out on the website at the following link:

The removal of temporary noise barriers is necessary in some areas, as our right-of-way is adjacent to the one of the residences, limiting the space available for the completion of the work. When possible, some panels will be conserved and installed to reduce noise on the front of the homes.



Type of works: Construction of the May Street, followed by drainage works and landscaping between LaSalle and Jacques-Lauzon

Schedule: from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday

Duration: approximately one month

Anticipated impacts: work of medium intensity, but due to proximity with residences and to the absence of noise barriers in some places, these works will be perceptible but, of short duration.


Noise monitoring will be carried out by the environmental team during the activity to document the situation and see if it is possible to modify the working methods to reduce the noise.