Update on the Samuel De Champlain Bridge Corridor Project

Signature on the Saint Lawrence (SSL) would like to provide an update on the Samuel De Champlain Bridge Corridor Project, which, in addition to the Samuel De Champlain Bridge, includes the Île-des-Soeurs bridge and the federal portions of Highway 15 and 10.

SSL is working to finish major works related to the final opening of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge highway corridor by the end of the fall. Significant progress has been made to prepare the central corridor of the bridge which will be used for the Réseau express metropolitan and the architectural lighting system on the bridge.


Configuration of Highway 15

On the final configuration of Highway 15 in Montreal, traffic is now flowing on two of three lanes per direction between Île-des-Sœurs and Atwater and a number of reconfigured access points to the corridor have been re-opened. SSL plans to open this major axis of Highway 15 to full capacity (three lanes per direction, including the shoulder lane) with its final access by the end of fall.


Elements of Montreal municipal network:

For the other elements of the Montreal municipal network under the corridor such as Atwater Avenue and René-Lévesque Boulevard, completion is also planned for the end of the fall.


South shore works:

On the South Shore, the works related to Highway 10, its access and the multi-use path are progressing well and are scheduled to be completed by the end of the fall.

SSL is very proud to have been able to complete all this work and of the progress it has made towards the completion of the corridor since opening the bridge to traffic this summer.  Some additional finishing work such as paint touch-ups and landscaping that cannot be done over the winter are slated to be completed in the Spring or Summer of 2020.


Update on the multi-use path opening

The final element to complete the multi-use path of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge is the installation of an overpass on Route 132, which will not be completed by October 31.  A major road closure is necessary for this operation, planned for the weekend of 15 November, which requires coordination with the various construction sites in the region by Mobility Montreal partners. Once the overpass is in place, SSL will work to complete the finishing work required to open the multi-use path year-round to the cyclists and pedestrians by the end of the fall.