Opening of the Samuel De Champlain multi-use path on December, 23rd 2019 at 1PM

Signature on the Saint Lawrence is proud to announce the official opening of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge multi-use path. Starting December, 23rd 2019 at 1:00 PM, cyclists and pedestrians can use this path all day and all year long* to bike or walk from the City of Montréal (Île-des-Sœurs neighbourhood) to the South Shore (La Riveraine bike path).  There are four lookout areas along the path that offer panoramic views of Greater Montréal.

Infrastructure Canada and Signature on the St. Lawrence encourages users to be careful and adapt their behaviour and equipment to the quickly changing weather conditions on the 3.4 km path. Here are some rules to follow for courtesy and safety on the pathway:

  • The speed limit is 20 km/h.
  • Cyclists should pay special attention to pedestrians with whom they share the path.
  • Motor vehicles (e.g. scooters or motorcycles) are not permitted on the pathway.

In the event of an incident, help buttons allow users to directly contact emergency services (4141). Cameras are used to monitor the multi-use path.  

Happy trails!

*In case of important snowfalls and ice conditions, closures will be announced on the SSL website

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